Welcome! So nice to have you here.

My name is Saliha [Saul-e-Ha].


I’m a GenX Californian. I’m a Shi’a Muslim and an African-American woman. I grew up poor, but I’ve been middle-class my entire adult life. I’m a mother. I’m a yoga instructor, a writer, a riddle, wrapped in a hijab, inside an enigma; but perhaps there is a key.

My identities are complicated, but the philosophy that guides my life is simple:

my necklace

Love. Love. Love

I try to root everything I do in love. It’s the standard to which I hold myself: “Is this action rooted in love?” If yes, then I’m off to the right start.


Qiyama is an Arabic word that means rising. Belief in the day of rising, a day when all human beings will stand accountable for their actions, is a tenet of Islamic faith. I strive to behave with, and stand for adala (justice) and be honorable enough to be accountable for my mistakes along the way.


Rahma is an Arabic word often translated as mercy, compassion or care. I believe we lose some of our humanity when we are unable to care about the suffering of others. I care about my own suffering and I care about the suffering of others.

This blog was born of my attempts to live these principles. I hope they are infused throughout my writing as they are throughout my life.

A word about my language

My maternal grandmother was a nurse named Katherine; people called her Kitty, but she was really a lioness. She taught us to call body parts by their proper names, to say what we mean and not pussyfoot around. So, I’ll call things by their names and speak plainly. I hope you don’t find that offensive and that you’ll stick around anyway.